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From what I gather NextGEN still hasn’t added eCommerce have they. I am using Sunshine Photocart which has some great features but it is written very poorly and breaks easily. Also it is really tricky to get it to integrate with some themes. So much so that I have had to setup my cart as a sub-domain.
I need something along the lines of what Reggie mentioned… the ability to bulk upload images and apply a price and product category/ies to them in one click. Most carts need the products to be setup individually. If someone can create a cart that has bulk uploads, simple category/product assigning and uses the WP themes gallery instead of having to create it’s own then that person will be very popular indeed.

I’ll content myself with creating my own template to match my current Thesis/WP theme.

Leon Trotsky, in exile, received copies of the, WP draft theses, but not those of the Communist League. He, replied, saying lie was ‘too insufficiently acquainted with the conditions in South Africa’ to offer opinions on several practical questions. However, lie had to voice disagreement on certain aspects of the draft theses — particularly those which arose from polemical exaggerations in the struggle with the ‘national policy of Stalinism.'

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Can I use it with WP Thesis?

Little that appeared in this document was new. Some of the statements can be traced back to Hobson’s writings at the turn of the century, updated to take in the effects of going off the gold standard in 1932. However, by failing to link this discussion with their paper on the ‘Native Question’ the WP got the equation wrong. The land question was inseparable from the labour question. The African workers had come to stay, some on the mines and others in the industrial towns. They had not all been removed from the land — partly because they resisted proletarianization, partly because it was found convenient to retain a large reserve army of labour in the rural areas. In the years to come the African’s demand for land would merge with, and be overtaken by, the cry for better living conditions in the towns.

— I didn’t mean to come off too strong on that but on re-reading what I wrote, it does read that way. I apologize for that. And if its Matt Mullenweg that needs to have the benefit of my help and guidance I will be sure to let him have it… 8^) In the meantime, while I wait for commonsense to prevail, which I now know ‘appears’ to be happening (see comment above), I’ll content myself with creating my own template to match my current Thesis/WP theme. What joy.