Tips for writing a good thesis statement:

These things are valuable and are often high on the list of goals thatadvisers, committees, and graduate programs have for students who areproposing theses. However, it is important to realize that this is notthe of a thesis proposal. Instead, in the course ofwriting a good thesis proposal, it is natural to express evidence ofthese things.

A2 - Writing a Good THESIS STATEMENT

A good thesis is the one that is very well written and is free of any grammatical, spelling and formatting errors. There are many things to be kept in mind while writing a thesis. Students usually find it the most difficult task of their academic career as it determines whether they will get their degree or not. They need to be very attentive and careful to write this critical piece of work. Here are a few helpful tips that will enable you to write a good thesis.


I’m having trouble writing a good thesis for a research project. Can you help me?

Writing a good thesis begins with the formulation of a critical or analytical question or questions. It should demonstrate an understanding of the historiography of the issue or question, and the student's use and understanding of primary resources as appropriate in the chosen thesis field. It should be the well-written product of critical analysis. Given the differences among fields of study, the precise nature and length of an acceptable thesis ranges widely and ultimately must be determined in consultation with the student's thesis adviser. As a rule of thumb, however, M.A. theses should not be longer than 100 pages. The thesis should be submitted in the form prescribed in the , latest edition, and in accordance with the guidelines provided by the graduate program. Students should obtain those guidelines at the beginning of the thesis process, in order to avoid problems later. The Graduate Studies should be obtained from their office or downloaded from their for instructions for final submission. It should be noted that History Department prefers the formatting and has obtained permission for theses to be acceptable in that format. Chapter(s) should be submitted to the thesis adviser on a periodic basis.