Be Careful When Writing A Graduate Thesis: Avoid Plagiarism

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The English Literature Department aims to cultivate individuals who can be active on the international stage centered on the educational pillar of English and American literature and English-language as well as the ability to use the English Language practically. To this end, in specialized educational subjects students study things like English and American literary history, English and American literature lectures and practicums (pertaining to poems, novels, and plays), English-language phonetics and grammar, English-language studies practicum, oral communication, speech, debate, media English, and writing. Also, because a broad range of knowledge pertaining to language and culture in general is necessary for literary and linguistic studies, students also study -in addition to English language and English and American literature- courses such as English and American cultural theory, history of Western culture, history of philosophy, the essentials of linguistics, German and French literature, Oriental history, introductory Japanese literature, Japanese language history, general theories of Japanese culture, and the like.
Second and third year students are divided into small groups (of about seven individuals) and participate in seminars. They also receive basic training in how to study research methods necessary for writing a graduate thesis. Fourth-year students select an individualized research theme under the guidance of a graduation thesis supervising faculty member (each tutor supervises about seven students) and write an English language graduation thesis of about 20 to 30 pages. We cultivate the ability to make practical use of the English language through practicums in our Language Lab (LL) as well as oral communication, speech, and debate courses. These courses are highly effective due to the fact that they are taught by foreign instructors in small classes about 20 students each. We also encourage study for the English Language Proficiency Test and TOEIC and TOEFL exams. Also, we have a long tradition of productions of English-language plays as an independent student activity.