GPA and course requirements for writing a Senior Thesis:

Writing a senior thesis is perhaps the most important requirement of the Logic and Computation major. Over the course of your undergraduate career, you have been exposed to some of the best ideas that humankind has to offer, and you have worked hard to master them. But you should not forget that the theories you have studied are the work of ordinary human beings, trying to address basic questions that are related to our common everyday experiences. The act of writing a senior thesis gives you an opportunity to become a part of this process, and explore fundamental questions much the way that academic researchers and theoreticians do.

To write a senior thesis, you will need to:

3. The final draft of a Senior Thesis is due the first day of the final exam period of the semester in which the 399 course is taken. This allows sufficient time for proper evaluation by the faculty.

These special rules emphasize the faculty’s view that writing a Senior Thesis should be a special experience for students – the capstone of their undergraduate education. Note, too, that all of the department’s majors have the option of doing a Senior Thesis, whether they are eligible for departmental honors or not.


Who should write a Senior Thesis?

In order to write a senior thesis and qualify for departmental distinction, you must maintain a grade point average of 3.4 in all linguistics courses forming part of your major. (Foreign language and "linguistically relevant areas" courses are not considered in determining if this requirement has been met.) This requirement must be met both at the time you begin work on your thesis and at the time you graduate.

Are you an undergraduate in the process of writing a senior thesis? Would you like encouragement, feedback, and support from your peers? Then join a small writing group of other students from across the university who are tackling the challenging and rewarding process of writing a senior thesis.Each year seniors must decide whether to write a senior thesis. It is, of course, a major undertaking, and a significant investment of time and energy. A year-long course (NEJS 99d), it requires intensive research in primary sources and culminates in a major piece of writing (typically 75 to 100 pages). It is well-suited for highly motivated and self-starting students.