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Let us see how writing a strong thesis statement can be accomplished, with the help of a real-world scenario as an illustration (See for more of these examples and ).

- writing a strong thesis statement that answers the question posed in the writing prompt

Put it Together (Writing with Research) Certificate Series
Writing a strong, well-organized, and analytical research paper can be a demanding undertaking. This series focuses on breaking down the process into approachable steps and strategies, including: (#1) identifying and evaluating appropriate sources for your subject matter, (#2) writing a strong thesis statement and supporting the paper’s argument with topic sentences, and (#3) final proofreading techniques. You will also develop your own voice and argument, your ability to organize and structure a paper, and your knowledge of common stylistic and grammar mistakes.

Lesson: How to write a strong thesis statement

These are just a few of the most important elements to writing a strong thesis statement for any paper during your academic career.

The two biggest secrets to a great paper are having a strong outline and writing a strong thesis statement. The outline can be constructed once you have composed the thesis statement and your teacher has approved it. You will have a first draft outline called a working outline. There will be changes in this outline as your progress through the research and writing process. Here are a few outline secrets to help make your job easier:

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