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The main purpose of writing thesis abstracts can be defined as “selling” a project to the reader. You know, people are quite lazy and will not get down to reading your thesis until they make sure it is a worthy project. First, they will study your thesis abstract, and if it intrigues them, they will read the rest of the paper.

Let us present you several rules of making strong and attention-grabbing thesis abstracts.

Rule #1
Do not start writing a thesis abstract if the whole project is not finished yet. If you prepare it earlier, you run the risk to miss something significant and make your thesis abstract inaccurate.

Rule #2
Make your thesis abstract brief and concise. As a rule, thesis abstracts are not longer than 200-300 words or two paragraphs. Do not forget that the reader appreciates his/her time and will spend just a couple of minutes to read your thesis abstract.

Rule #3
Make sure your thesis abstract includes some basic key words, terms related to your topic. In this way, chances that the reader finds your project using a search engine are much higher.

Rule #4
Take time to decide on the appropriate content of your thesis abstracts. Include the following:

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The student who struggles with writing a thesis abstract may find it easier to aim for a long first draft, which he or she will then edit down to size. For example, the student may choose to highlight the main idea of each section of each chapter and to try to fit these many sentences together into a paragraph. This method will produce a first draft that is quite long. The student may then view all the sentences together and determine which ones carry less importance, eliminating those. One often has more success with the difficult task of summarizing one's own work when shortening the summary by degrees.

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