How to Write an Argumentative Paper Thesis Statement

Even though it doesn’t sound like you need to write an argumentative thesis statement, you’ll still want to set up a thesis statement that gives the reader a road map for what you will be addressing in your paper and also that offers your opinion on the work (since it’s a book review).

writing an argumentative thesis statement

ABefore starting to write an Argumentative the student must fully understand what an argumentative is. Argumentative thesis is written to convince the readers, the stand taken by the writer regarding a debatable issue by providing evidence and reasons and making arguments based on them. If you are to write a good argumentative thesis you must have a debatable topic and you must take a stand on a very specific point within the area covered by the topic. Then the claim you make, must be convincingly presented to the reader using evidence you collect in your research and using your assertive reasoning and arguing skills. Your claim is the Argumentative for the thesis you are going to write. This may be an opinion, a policy proposal, an interpretation or a cause-and-effect statement or an evaluation.

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Questions to ask yourself when writing an argumentative thesis statement: •