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Topic: Can you study and write about tapirs without first knowing what they are? Tapirs are pig-like mammals that can be found in the South and Central America as well as in Southeast Asia - but this is beside the point. The point is that before you can write your master thesis, you need to know what it is you want to write about.

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Before you decide whether you want to write master thesis on your own, be sure to consider all the specifics of the task you are about to face. Writing master thesis assignment is intended to provide students with practice for the PhD thesis. A fundamental requirement for a Master's thesis is that it has to actually reveal your mastery. It should demonstrate that you have analyzed and understood the area of your interest and that you are competent enough to handle your knowledge at corresponding level. For instance, if you have to submit a master thesis in computer sciences, you are supposed to, firstly, write a key program, which would illustrate and put your ideas about the topic into practice, and then compose a paper that would describe your program and present your motives for creating it.