How to Write a Thesis Proposal?

When you are first starting out in a postgraduate program (schooling after a bachelor’s degree), you’ll need to start thinking about your dissertation topic. It’s likely you’ll at least get a couple of months to decide on what you want to write; sometimes, you’ll get as long as a year. Eventually, though, you will need to write a dissertation proposal. Although your school will most likely have guidelines in place that they want you to follow, writing a dissertation proposal can be a daunting task. To write a good dissertation it is important to first come up with a great topic, and then progress through the steps of writing the proposal itself.

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Problem Statement: If there is not a problem, there is no reason to conduct research. Here, you must identify and explain a gap that exists in the existing research that justifies your question and hypothesis. Failure to have this gap clearly defined and explained will make writing a thesis proposal difficult and will result in the proposal being returned for revision.

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